Saturday, April 30, 2005

No probs Derek. Booze, movies, and music, sometimes a lethal combination. It's certainly made me want to see Vera Drake (though possibly not talk about it in a public forum).

Kyle, I can't quite believe we only did three rounds each, but I guess we did get a late start. Does make me wonder why I brought about 15 disks. Hmmmm...maybe it's time I started a CD club in which I'm the only member.

Thanks again for hosting. Look forward to the next one.

Friday, April 29, 2005

As far as omissions go you failed to berate me for behaving like an ass last night. My apologies to one and all (esp. Kyle) for leaving in such an unruly fashion. Perhaps the book club will be jealous when they hear how passionate our discussions can become when it involves music and other artistic matters.
Thanks to all for coming out last night. Here is the unofficial list of what was brought/played:


Micah P. Hilson and the Gospel of Progress - Micah P. Hinson
Black Mountain – Black Mountain
Colin Blundstone – One Year


ta del lugat - Dungen
Lennie Tristano/The New Tristano – Lennie Tristano
Thunder, Lightning, Strike - The Go Team


The Grind Date – De La Soul
Bright Eyes – Digital Ash & Wide Awake It’s Morning
Wheedle’s Groove – The best of Seattle Soul Funk 1965-75
Mercury Rev/The Decemberists


Jeen O'brien "can't get it out of my head"


I am a bird now - Anthony & the Johnsons
The Very Best of – Maria Callas
The Man Comes Around – Johnny Cash

Let me know if there are any mistakes/omissions.

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Well, I seem to be able to access metabeats again, so I offer the following observations: Arcade Fire has somehow grabbed the cover of Time magazine. Inside is a whole section on the Canadian "Indie" scene. This coming after the Sunday NY Times articles seems pretty impressive. The question that remains is whether all this pproves to be the "kiss of death" to them or whether a great band like this can actually become commercially sucessfull when it gets its due exposure. I had the startling discovery last week of switching thru radio stations on the car and hearing the Arcade Fire on (you wont believe this) Chum FM .......
I suspect all these things are just abberations and the likes of Brian Adams will still rule the airwaves. Still it makes you hope.....
yours truly
the over the top optomist

Friday, April 01, 2005

April 14 works for me.
any resolution on a date for the cd club happening behind the scenes, or are we looking at booking something in late june? (2006) i said, i'm good for just about any date