Monday, September 24, 2007

Are the Onion A/V Club writers cribbing from my blog posts? (scroll to bottom of my link...blogger isn't handling the permalinks very well). Realize that I was riffing on 1987 and not 1997 but still think I'm owed some type of royalty.

Friday, September 07, 2007

Allow me to second Brian's praise for your links, Derek, which will serve me well this month as I try to figure out how to spend my monthly emusic downloads with so few pop choices of interest.

Also (why not a further jab at Herr Watson) thanks for posting on the correct blog.
Derek I have three words for you. Fan Tas Tic. Exactly what I needed. Tanya is long gone but I'll be mailing these anyway.

The Mullova disk is one that I had considered buying at Gregorian a couple of months back. I'm impressed that emusic has it.

Incidentally, Billy Hart is part of Lovano's band at Birdland on the NYC weekend.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Finally getting around to suggesting some music for your disc(s) Brian assuming they aren't already on their way to South Africa.

I'll stick to music that I've downloaded from e-music over the last few years so at least that way you can easily procure the music for yourself.

In a classical vein:

Peter Donohoe playing Michael Tippett's piano sonata No. 1, 2nd movement.

Pascal Devoyon and Dong-Suk Kang playing Poulenc's violin sonata: Intermezzo.

Viktoria Mullova and Katia Labeque playing Clara Schumann's Romanze for violin and piano.

Mieczyslaw Horszowski playing Schubert's piano sonata in B-flat, D.960 1st movement.

Maxim Rysanov and Evelyn Chang playing any of the following three pieces from their 2007 album: Glinka's violin sonata in D minor (allegro), Enescu's concert piece and Tabakova's "Whispered Lullaby"

As for some jazz:

Dave Douglas - Meaning and Mystery cd - "Blues to Steve Lacy"

Antonio Farao - Takes on Pasolini cd - "Julian e Ida"

Mary Lou Williams - Zoning cd - "Ghost of Love"

Mimi Fox - Perpetually Hip cd - "Night and Day"

Billy Hart - Quartet cd - "Charvez" or "Lullaby for Imke"