Friday, November 23, 2012

Hey gents, anyone giving some thought to a "Best of 2012" list?  

Friday, November 09, 2012

apologies to Derek who invited us all a few weeks ago.... I am a bit clueless perhaps....I will attempt to get a ticket but not likely as it is the hot show now soldout... Let me know where you are going in the event I manage to scrap one up...
Do any of you have tickets to Monday nights tame Impala / the Amazing show. Interested if not?
I am thinking I may drop by for . I know you lot like tame Impala , but "the Amazing" has one of my favorite discs this year . I was meaning to throw it out to you... i am surprised they are teamed with tame impala as they have a very different sound... Do you think it likely This show will sell out ? 

Me (That guy who hates lists) is going on record for saying that "dynamite walls" by Hayden is the 2nd best Canadiana song of all time.... If you have ever peered through a half defrosted car window with the defroster mnot working well, driven by yourself through the blasted canadian shield on your way up north, whilst  trying to figure out just what the point of life can relate to these vivid lyrical snapshots..... ( apologies if I am starting to sound like a pitchfork reviewer)

damn I love that song...

PS   in answer to your question "  a case of you " by J.M.


Thursday, November 08, 2012

Not sure if any of you have discovered Songza. I stumbled on it last week, downloaded their iphone/ipad app to my phone and started using it to stream to my stereo. Very much like Pandora for Canada, with more specialized playlists and 'stations'. I've enjoyed it and some of the categories, subcategories and moods are fun. Suggest you give it a try as it's completely free and kind of fun.