Monday, January 07, 2013

Um hello, lists of 2012 favourites?   Stu, perhaps you'd like to show a little leadership here?

Let me give you a teaser:

(1) Damien Jurado

(2) Beachwood Sparks

(3) Woods

Obviously a teaser should start at the bottom of the list and work it's way up.  But I've never been good at teasers. And besides, I have to decide what my next seven are. 

Thursday, January 03, 2013

Glad to hear derision, Kyle, discord is a sign of something positive, methinks.   I'd love to hear everyone's favourite songs and/or albums from 2012.   Who's up for the challenge?

Would also be interested, for those whose taste runs in this direction, of a list of 2012 classical or jazz faves.

This Pitchfork list is so in-your-face mediocre, uninspiring that I promptly abandonned investigation of all other lists, plans to post my own. 2012 was a decent year in music but you wouldn't know it after listening into this rat's nest of dreck. Brian, you mentioned that they often compile a list of songs that kinda sound great but aren't really well written or composed songs. With a few exceptions, these don't even sound great. Know it's past Christmas now but: Bah humbug.