Friday, April 30, 2004

Just thought of one extremely insidious song that left me demented and that was "50 Ways to Leave Your Lover" by Paul Simon. Hated it then and it hasn't improved with age. I've never really warmed up to Paul Simon. He always gives me the impression of someone who doesn't really feel or believe in what he's singing about. You could probably throw his "Graceland" single on this list for me as well.

Thursday, April 29, 2004

Very pleased and very hungover after the massive attack that was the Leafs victory last night. Which got me thinking about Massive Attack and their last album, which was very underwhelming, to put it politely, and then i recalled that nobody had shared their list of worst songs of all time, a project we'd undertaken last Friday. so i entreat you all, please share, either by posting here or by email.

with respect to good music, i recently revisited the "Pieces of April" soundtrack ( after seeing the movie last weekend. it's a nice little mix of older magnetic fields tracks and some newer work by stephin merrit and and it got me thinking that a new magnetic fields was overdue. low and behold, i read today that there's an album coming out on tuesday (may 4th).

news on the release date of elliot smith's last disc here: ).

btw, mr. mercer, very glad to have incited your romantic reverie with the lovely ms. portman. i would ask that you return the favour by somehow triggering my unconscious to craft something delicious between myself and the equally lovely k. knightley.

Saturday, April 24, 2004

Just finished listening to some music with dinner and stuck a few old best of indie compilations that I bought over 10 years ago into the carousel. Some hidden gems that I'd totally forgotten about like "Pulling my fingers off" by the Wendys "Lemon Afternoon" by the Dylans and "Wow" by Captain America. Also some tracks like "Happen to Die" by the Charlatans and "Get Better" by the New Fads that still stand the test of time. Just checking out allmusic I see there were over 20 CDs in this series all with some seriously great and forgotten tracks. Since I probably can't find the discs in stores any longer I'll need to do the next best thing.

Just like to thank you for implanting the seeds of young ms portman in my mind. I kid you not that I had a wonderful dream last night and like Emeril might say mine took it up a notch.

Friday, April 23, 2004

Alright I appear to be in so I'll leave it up to you to get us started. Btw liked the huckleberry reference, a very funny scene.
fun though it may be to share our thoughts via email each day, i thought this might be a better forum for us to discuss the music we bring to the cd club and really, anything else.