Wednesday, June 30, 2004

It's probably my turn to host as there has yet to be a CD club chez Dalhousie and you just know I'm about the biggest Eagles fan out there. How come nobody ever invites me out to the Drake? I've yet to step inside the hippest bar in Toronto. my ongoing attempt to meet "has been" musicians I ran into Don Henley of Eagles fame at the Drake last week. Hes playing Casino Rama. He was a pretty interesting talk, none of the rock star attitude, and believe it or not he is interested in coming to one of our cd clubs. He will be in town for the next month, so I think its time for a cd night. Ill be seeing him again at another bash on the weekend so let me know who is hosting.

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Well.... for the older generation - goodbye & hello- was the classic Tim Buckley album...strangley I dont have it... I dont know if it is still considered the classic, sometimes the new younger critics pick out more edgy albums from the catalogue to hype as the "undiscovered gem." I do have Greetings from LA which is an erie soul influenced dark record. This conversation sounds familiar. We may have discussed this at last weeks show, but strangley my memmory of that night seems less then perfect....

Monday, June 28, 2004

Perhaps something you've experienced:

Wow this blogger thing sure has ground to a halt. Only 2 postings in the last 3 weeks. Has the novelty worn off already?

So what's everyone listening to these days? Needless to say given the assinine prices for CDs in Europe I brought back nothing from the continent. I did pick up 3 new discs on Friday: Wilco, Chris Potter and a new Hummel disc on Naxos that's been receiving glowing reviews. I only had time to listen to the Chris Potter over the weekend and it's a fine disc. Too bad I missed him at the Senator this weekend.

A guy here at work lent me Tim Buckley's "Starsailor" disc over the weekend and it's quite the disc. Can't really come up with a reference point (yodelling after all) and that's probably a good thing. His version of "Song for the Siren" (which I only know from an 80's cover version) is stunning. Does anyone know if this is considered his masterwork or should I look for another?

In case I didn't say it often enough last Wednesday, what a great concert!! Makes me awfully leery about buying the album due in the fall however. How can they possibly replicate that energy in the studio?

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Sure thing dude. B/Roche sang with Duke Ellington's band - that's her singing that famous (and bitchin') version of Take the A Train from the late 50's that I'm sure you've heard. Great scatting on that one.
I heard a singer Betty Roche on 88.1 morning show ( great show by the way- DJ Colin... has the deepest voice in the history of mankind)
I think it was one of her 50's recordings. I seem to have missed her ...any of you know her ? recomendations... On all music guide they recommend a cd which is backed w a marylin monroe jazz disc that sounds very hip baby.

Thursday, June 10, 2004

I haven't booked any tickets to Lollapalooza either, as I may have some work committments that I won't be able to shake off. Glad to hear that you no longer have that pesky CFA to worry about, Bri. Do you know for a fact that you failed? Or is it just that every fibre in your being is screaming out that you couldn't possibly have passed? Because if it's the latter, there may be some slim, snowballs-in-hell type scenario where...okay, enough...

Looks like Joe and Bob have some competition. Though he appears unrelated to the two Scud Mountain Brothers, Mike Pernice and his band, Come Down, have some nice little shimmery, twangy pop ditties. There are some free downloads at their site.

The new Pedro the Lion disc also has some nice pop tracks but I haven't purchased anything lately that's really blown my socks off. The Franz Ferdinand disc has some kick ass tracks but every time I listen to it, I can feel the clock ticking on its relevance and/or hipness. I'm thinking once their Toronto show is done, the knives will be out in the alternative press.

Does anyone still do the NXNE festival? My cousin gave me a wrist band but I don't know if I have any free time this weekend to check out the shows.

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

And I will take a similar tack. Sounds like fun, but days off may be a problem for me.

Stuart, I'm listening to Chick Corea's "Is" Sessions today, after your comments last weekend about not getting/liking it. I still think it's brilliant. Incredible mix of melody, grooves, and occasionally huge dissonance. What's a little cacophony between friends?

Sorry for the lack of blogging. Now that I've failed my CFA I have much more time for the important stuff.

Monday, June 07, 2004

Its interesting how one harmless little question can stop all discourse on this site. Kyle, I had noticed the great lineup too, but there are so many domestic (read children) events still up in the air so I will be a last minute addition if at all.
I think it could be pretty great though.