Thursday, May 31, 2012

forgot to add one comment... I came across this song a week ago from a reviewer I like and I cant get it out of my is a very comercial tune in fact its a cover of a huge pop hit from 5 years ago, but something in it rings passionate and true to me, in an Adele kind of way....if only all comercial pop music was this good....perhaps none of you will be able to get past the trappings but give it a shot..
I must admit to onlt knowing a few off that list.... Grimes is a record I just previewed last night and thiought would be a good summer disc, I am loving the Julia Holter disc, which Uncut put me onto a few weeks back, and i love the new Beach House , and am surprised to nsee mixed reviews on it........
anti beatles songs....??? inevitable I guess, ....I must say for a band I often critically deride, they still get a lot of airplay at my house, but thats a discussion we ahve all beenm down before

coincidentally her Kyle loaned me his LA nuggets box a few weeks ago and I have been immersed in it as of late... i tracked down the history onlt recently and was amused to see you lot on about it... we really do see too much of each other....

in addition to those mentioned above, new stuff I am listening too  ( as opposed to new releases);
memmoryhouse   the years ep...lovely laid back vibe like beach house on qualudes

all night radio...fantastic modernish but not really take on the 60's L.A. late 60's scene...really great this

destroyer kaputt....didnt like previewing it at all, but picked it up on Dereks advice anyways and didnt    really love it untill the warm weather hit...damn it makes a fine hot weather wine sipping disc of the summer

cant stop listening to EMA song california, not sure bout the rest of the disc

trent rezners ssoundtrack to the girl w the dragon tatoo makes for interesting early or late hours music to work to

rae spoon...fuckin fantastic electro pop from a person who sounds like a girl but aint... has that androgenous vocal over xx like minimalist electro beat...yum///!!!

finally a note to lamb lovers.... had a rachk of lamb bbq'ed w a oregon pino nopir and yes folks that combo can work...was always a sceptic , but after hearing various mentions that it was great have dabbled and if its a heavyer pino its a great combo...highly recommended...

Basking in the glow of your compliment, Bri, I was able to find a link to the Nuggets: album you mentioned on Rdio.And yes, bonus points for referencing The Clash.

If you happen to play this at an outside event, though, watch out! The Copyright Board of Canada apparently wants a cut of that cut you're spinning. My response was a two-worded directive but perhaps you feel differently.
Funny and interesting link Kyle. Can I say, for the record, that you have a remarkable ability to source entertaining stuff for the blog? Well done amigo.

Re the anti-Beatles, a couple of thoughts. (a) I liked the reference to the somewhat obscure (meaning-wise I mean) Peter Paul and Mary song, which in fact lays waste to many hallowed artists and their bandwagon-esquing around the Peace and Love movement, all under the quite funny banner of "I Dig Rock and Roll Music".  (b)  I love the Barbarians song, and am likely the only Metabeat with an album of theirs (don't rush to purchase it though....that early garage sound has I would imagine a limited appeal among the M/Beats'ers.). Having said that, (c) those of you who don't have the Nuggets collection of Psychedelic / Garage classics from the 1965-68 period (compiled by Lenny Kaye in 1972) truly are missing out on something. Go get that one.  Having trouble with my linking so I'll just list the URL

Althought they've bolstered the release with 3 new disks of music, the original album was just the first Disk, which was pretty formative for me when I came upon it in the late seventies.
Finally I'm surprised not to see London Calling on the list, given its famous reference to "phoney Beatlemania".  Anytime you can link the Clash into a music discussion you score points, don't you?

Thanks Stu. Also, did you know there was a whole genre of anti-Beatles songs?

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

thursday aug 2 at my place then for the cd club...apologies, a bit swamped here...

Friday, May 25, 2012

Meh on The Books but see that you're listening to Perfect From Now On by Built to Spill...excellent choice for a sunny humid afternoon sir! Also, I'm fine with Thursday August 2nd, and will happily consume Marc's share of whatever booze will be on offer that evening.
Hey I like the Books.  Unlike, I may say, many of the quickly-previwed Stereogum top 25ers.
I'm cool with any date so will leave it to the rest of you to battle it out.

And in the category of least essential upcoming release I give you this.
Hey boys, the Thursday night is probably a safer bet for me too, given that my plans aren't fully formed for that weekend yet.

Marc I'm inTrigued by Tronic.  I'll give 'er a listen today.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

@marc, Ceremony, Spiritualized, Chromatics, Frankie Rose, Tanlines, Lotus Plaza, Julia Holter, Beach House, The Walkmen, and Cloud Nothing's have crossed my path but I've yet to hear any of the others. Probably some favorites missing but I'll need to go through my iTunes and Rdio collection to try to recall. Don't think the Cate Lebon album I'm digging a lot is 2012 and The Roots is late 2911 but they are two recent standouts for me.
Also, thought thiswas kinda cool.
hah @ Kyle, i'm only familiar with three bands and only one album!
I'm planning on going on a cycling trip all weekend and as such, would really prefer the Thursday.  If Friday is the only day that works for others i can change my plans to accommodate. (and might not drink and leave early)
Tronic. Saved to my collection. Will check it out. Stu, August 3rd works for me. Lock it down. Would have commented on your original post but the fucking 'enter this word' bullshit makes me want to fucking punch someone. Further to our discussion about dwelling in the past and not focusing on new stuff, a list of Stereogum's Top 25 Albums of 2012 thus far. I confess to only being familiar with a dozen at best. is Friday aug 3 for the cd club...the friday of the long weekend....
I recently came across an album on Rdio by Tronic that, Brian, made me think of you and thought it might be right up your alley.  So much so that i suspect you already know it.  Love Backed by Force was originally released in 1981 but "lingered in obscurity".  Of particular note on the album is a cut called "My Baby's In a Coma" ...hummmmmm, sounds a little familiar ... I can't quite my finger on it Mr Morrissey!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

ok...calm down all of you...I can only take so many requests... im glad you all want to do this but please just give me holiday dates you cant make.......

Thursday, May 10, 2012

I was bemoaning to derek the other night about the theme cd club battles like the 80's night seem to have been dominating our time and we are losing our edge in terms of the primary purpose of our get togethers...that being namely to mean that being to find new music .... That said i am offering to host the summer event in late July or early August  perhaps w a casual BBQ before....and the topic will stuff that you are loving from 2012.....are any of you away on holdays for that period?

Friday, May 04, 2012

Well, fuck.. Very sad. Here's the No Sleep Till Brooklyn video I mentioned a few weekends back.

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Full confession: I have never watched 'The Song Remains the Same'. I will now do so, if only so I can come back here and mock Mike for his positive assessment or endorse it full-heartedly. I foresee no middle ground. Also, came across this, which I think is pretty amusing.