Monday, October 28, 2013

Lou Reed wake;
In the spirit of Rob's (chilly) Bob Dylan event (birthday?) I was thinking that iconic music artist deaths are going to become unfortunately a yearly event over the next 2 decades..... As each of these giants lays to rest I for one will be toasting to their memory with their music (and perhaps scotch) ...I am offering to host the first one in January or February...a wake for Lou and his entire lifes work.....the music will only be that related to him somehow...Let me know if any of you are interested ... the great spirit of Islay and myself will be doing this regardless , so do not feel pressure to attend...


Stuart said...

Stu. It was at my place not robs. That the Dylan event was held

Derek said...

Wow kind of a freaky "Sybil" vibe going on here with Stuart answering his own posts in my name.

Multiple personality disorder or not I will still brave the mid-winter trek to Stuart's for an all Lou night.

Brian said...

Brian, don't worry I'm sure Stu will answer your request for input on the event Next Week while pondering his event In January.

I'm in for Lou of course.


Brian said...

Stu has pointed out that he has in fact responded to the November 9th (or 8th) CD Club for the rest of you?