Thursday, October 17, 2013

I was having a drink with Mathew Jocelyn last night, ( Brian will know him as the director of Canadian Stage) he does a fusion kind of theatre with offshoots into film and dance. He was interested in hearing interesting current ( meaning within the last 5 years but preferably within the last year or two) music. I wonder if you lot could do  me the favour of naming songs that have a theatrical bent to them and instrumental is totally fine. I am thinking Godspeed you..., the rachels, the braids , austra, for to any ideas. I will assemble a cd for him....

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Derek said...

Hey Stuart you should check out what will probably be my favourite album of 2013 Jon Hopkin's "Immunity" and from my initial listen I think that Tim Hecker's new album "Virgins" might fit the bill as would the "R Plus Seven" album by Oneohtrix Point Never.

All instrumental albums by the way but that would seem to me to be the point if we're looking at theatrical music.