Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Difficult 4th Album

Having heard, quite by accident, the new Arcade Fire single 3 times in the space of 24 hours on satellite radio while driving, I am worried.  Being a big fan of their 3 albums on first listen to "Reflektor" my reaction was WTF and not in a good "hey what a great new direction" kind of way.  Hopefully the single is a misstep and the double album to follow continues their good run of form.

On the off-chance that the new record is a disco dud I have to say that three straight very good records is still a pretty good streak.  Would any of you like to offer up a similar run of good/great albums by any band from 1980 onwards, thus leaving out some of the obvious behemoths of pop/rock.  Doesn't have to be 3 to start a career could be at any point in a bands lifespan.


kyle said...

Will ponder your question for a full post but as to AF song:

Think it's catchy, but it took me at least 5-7 listens to get there.

My only complaint is that it's too damn long and completely wears out its welcome by the 5 minute mark. The final 2 minutes are repetitive, listless, and greatly diminish what came before. I get it. It's a reflector. Or just a reflector. Enough.

Marc said...

Sorry Derek, I hate to disagree with you wait, I rather enjoy it don’t I?

I love the new single; right out of the gate I loved it. Now granted, I love disco but i am curious ....and curious like never before about what this single says about the album to come and what part it is going to play in to the totality of the whole. I think its audacious to release a single that’s 7 minutes long and i love the fact that its getting radio play despite its length. AF seem to take their time to craft albums of quality, time after time after time ...let’s see if they add another time. I love how whenever i here a new AF album i have not once said i don’t need to hear another album by AF.

Kyle, dude, chill, you gotta slow down, take the time to soak it in, reflect upon it ....This ain’t no wham bam thank you ma’am (despite the delicious Bowie vocals in the background)

Brian? ...strangely silent on the matter so far? Certainly you must like this as much as their previous releases?

Brian said...

Ah oui, the new AF song. Well I think it's a pretty good song, though overlong. It still sounds like them, notwithstanding the dance beat (a good thing).

Interesting that they should have the Thin White guy singing behind them, perhaps as an in-joke to highlight to all of us who their Hero(es) really are, and what type of musical path they will be (and have been) following: Re-invent, re-invent re-invent.

Brian said...

How about the Mats' awesome trifecta of Let it Be, Tim, and Pleased to Meet Me? Very solid.

And from the 90's, The Chunk's No Pocky, On the Mouth, and Foolish is super strong.